Monday, July 17, 2006

Peach Wine

Here is the original recipe for my Peach Wine. This was the best batch out of the past 3 years. I must have had the magic touch when I made it because I have not been able to make a better peach wine since. Maybe this year, I can only hope. Well enjoy the recipe.

August 10, 2002
3 ½ Gallons
¾ Gallon
Peach Juice
1 ¾ Gallon
Water & Peach Pulp
1.2 Ounces
Acid Blend
1 Tablespoon
Grape Tannin
33 Drops
Pectin Enzyme
1 Gallon
Cold Water
Campden Tablets
4 Pounds
Original Gravity 1.090

Final Gravity .992

Final Gravity Sweetened 1.026

Juice peaches with juicer to make peach juice. Use pulp left over from juicing and add to the must.

Used Red Star Cote Des Blanco Yeast

Racked August 16th and 23rd

Bottled October 5, 2002

Syrup mixture to sweeten was 2 sugars to 1 water

Added Hungarian Oak Chips at bottling time

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