Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blackberry Wine

This is one wine that I have made but did not use fresh blackberries.    For some reason they are difficult to find growing in our area.  I'm not sure if it is because there is a limited market or that they are a pain to grow and harvest.  The only one that I knew of in our town was cut down because the people did not like the mess.  What a shame.  I used Vintner's Harvest canned blackberries for my wine and followed the recipe on the can.  The recipe below is to make one gallon and uses fresh blackberries.
  • 3 lb blackberries
  • 2 1/4 lb sugar
  • 1 gal boiling water
  • yeast nutrient
  • pectic enzyme
  • yeast

Wash, pick over berries. Crush in pail, pour boiling water over. Stir well, cool to lukewarm, add pectic enzyme per instructions.
Leave 24-36 hours, then add yeast and nutrient. Cover well, leave for 4-5 days, stirring daily.
Strain, add sugar; stir well so that sugar is all dissolved. Pour into dark fermenting jar, fill to shoulder, fit airlock. Keep the spare liquor in a smaller bottle, also with airlock/cotton wool.
When ferment slows down sufficiently for there to be no risk of it foaming through the trap (about 1 week), top it up with the spare wine to the base of the neck, refit the airlock Leave it until it clears, then rack.

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