Monday, September 25, 2006

Concord Grape Universal Recipe

Friend of the family stopped in last week after picking a bunch of Concord grapes.  Of, course I said that I would take some and he brought over a large colander filled with grapes.  It's times like this that call for a recipe that you can use rather quickly.   I used this recipe last year when the nieghbor asked if I wanted her grapes.  Works extremely well and the wine usually tastes great.
Here are the steps needed to make wine using the universal wine recipe method.  The recipe is designed to make a 1 gallon batch. 
1.  Grab your primary fermenter, clean and sterilize it.
2.  Prepare the fruit as indicated.
3.  Mix all the ingredients, crushing the Campden tablets before adding them.  Make sure that the sugar is dissolved.  Cover and let it be for 1 day.
4.  Add the yeast.
5.  Cover and let ferment for about 4 - 7 days.  Make sure that you stir twice a day to punch down the cap.
6.  After the primary fermentation, strain, and place into a secondary fermenter.  Rack as needed until the wine is clear.
7.  Bottle and enjoy your wine.

  Type of Fruit Concord Grape  
  Weight Needed 6 pounds  
  Preparation crush  
  Water 1 gallon  
  Acid Blend none  
  Campden Tablets 2  
  Yeast Nutrient 1 teaspoon  
  Sugar 2 1/2 pounds  
  Raisins none  
  Pectin Enzyme 1/2 teaspoon  
  Grape Tannin none  
  Yeast   1 packet  

Notes:  I used 6 cups of sugar since 5 pounds of sugar will contain 11 to 12 cups.  Also used Lavlin Burgundy yeast and looks like my yield to from the first racking is about 1 1/2 gallons.

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